We are about the start the Blenneville or Bust campaign for IABSM. Scenarios are situated in Normandy, so some new terrain was in order - cupboard yielded roughly a meter of bocage, but quick math tells me that 6'*4' table will need several meters even if there is only one or two roads lined by bocage. A fellow TFL forum member (from http://dereksweetoys.com/) kindly posted a very good photo summary of the real thing to g+, so I had a plenty of reference material. (All RL bocage pics by Derek Hodge, from the Derek’s Wee Toys blog)

Bocage lines fields and roads, in many cases being a result of hundreds of years farming. Rocks and earth were used to line fields (or rocks moved aside), on top of which more earth and vegetation has been slowly ended. So you have a strong rock/earth core, with assorted bushes and hedges topped by trees. Often times the old roads have also sunk, in effect raising the bocage even more.

So we are talking anything from


or even something like a tunnel:

First test pieces were made with plasticard, DAS clay (air hardening variety), green flocking and some model train foliage stuff. After the glue had hardened, this was liberally soaked in a mixture of glue, water and soap (1 part glue, 1 path water, a drop of soap) , so everything hardens and does not break off. When trying out the mixture, use first on a small test piece, as for few hours it will look like you just completely and irrevocably destroyed said piece of terrain. Drying takes a day or two, after that it is almost invisible.

These passable, but still needs trees inserted and more flocking should be used, brown basecoat shows through way too much.

Second test batch was for the tall variety, representing partly sunken road. Styrofoam as base, then modeling putty to make it a bit rougher. Sides covered with a mixed flocking materials, mid covered with clumping foliage to represent bushed/overgrown hedges and liches to top it as small trees. Better but too much brown is still showing - should have flocked the whole thing before adding bushes. 

So while not a complete disaster, some tinkering is still needed. Flocking needs to cover the whole bank plus I need some corner pieces. (And while tunnels like the photo above are pain while playing, I probably cannot resist making one, just because..)

Some pics, with a 15mm Stuart to give an indication of scale. Ready batch1 and batch2 bocage with a couple batch2 versions partly flocked. Flash brings the brown basecolor out even more.

few more examples at picasa.