Like I said, I was not completely happy with the first 2 batches of bocage, so testing continues. By the time I have made the needed few more meters of the damn shrubbery, I probably have figured out the right way. The rest of the 2nd batch got full flocking and bushes/trees on the top of it. And in the third one I omitted the filler on to of the styrofoam, as leaving that out  means several hours not spent watching filler dry. I of course ran out of clumping foliage, too, and my main hobby store did not stock it anymore, so had to improvise with other materials. Results are ok'ish and much faster to make, so I think I'll stick with this, with probably a lighter greenish basecoat of paint. I also tried another make of hardening the foliage. Instead of applying 1 water:1glue mixture with a brush, I made 3w:1g mixture and sprayed it with a normal kitchen spray bottle. Way faster and glue is spread more evenly.

So the system is now. Cut styrofoam to desired shape, remembering that the base should be at least slightly irregular. Basecoat with mixture of wood glue and paint, apply flocking all over while paint is wet. Let paint dry and apply a coat of glue/water/paint to places where bushes are supposed to be and sprinkel clumping foliage/coarse turf on those areas. After that has dried, glue lichen/trees to places. Let dry and then spray with water:glue mix. Let dry. Used mainly Woodland Scenics and Nochs materials with blue insulation styrofoam as base. (Do not use the white one with bubbles, unless you really enjoy having said bubbles absolutely everywhere.)

Some of the bocage looks truly massive, but it is worth remembering that in 1:100 scale it is just under 3 meter thick at the base at the thickest parts and roughly 4-5 meters to treetops. If one assumes that base is partly covered by vegetation, thickness is about right. (From pictures it seems to be anything for 1m to several meters bank)

All versions lining roads on top of Kaliastra hexes. Some tanks for scale. (White lines on the small ones are places where DAS clay broke - it keeps warping as drying continues, should have remembered how much force that drying applies. Will cut those to two and repaint a bit.))

Yet another column getting lost.

Each little field takes 1 meter of bocage. And that covers maybe 1/6 of the board.. Latest batch in the bottom, earlier by the halftrack.

And Jerry could be hiding behind any of those. Scouts out!