As I was less than happy with the simple weathering with a wash, I decided to spend few euros on a Tamiay Weathering Stick (mud). 3 of the Shermans got a light brushing with that. Results can be seen below - it actually does look like a mud, both the color, very slight 3D effect and the close-up texture. I am not sure how it will stand up to gaming and people picking the models up, or if it is worth the effort at this scale, but I do like the effect. Pictures below do no justice, but at least show the effect and how it builds up batches of mud.

Tank on the left has several layers, one on the right only one.

I also started a prototype of a bigger rowhouse of 2 stories. This wonderful page has pictures from 1944 and then pic from same place today, so can be used both as a rough model and for painting example. I started with a simple 4 2 story apartments model with no shops or anything on the ground floor. Cut the walls from 3mm foamcore, and made window and door silhouettes from 0.5 polystyrene sheet. A light coat of acrylic caulc for plaster. Tomorrow will show how it takes paint, but at least I am once gain reminded that foamcore always needs support or it will warp.

View from the back yard.

IIt always warps..