The amount of buildings and terrain is slowly reaching an acceptable level, but I have been very busy looking for a good terrain mat. There are several good products available in UK/USA, but the shipping costs are usually prohibitive. So we have been experiementing with several things. Kallistra Hexon's are nice lego'ish solution and terrain mats made from either faux-fur or acrylic caulc plus flock produce very nice effect.

Hexons have been waiting for a long time for someone to flock them and the faux fur was a brilliant success until the point when a cunning summer storm crept up to me and drenched the just painted mat..

So today it was time for acrylic caulc terrain mats and hexons. I was basicly following this example, using a ready artists' canvas (with some sort of acrylic basepaint), using 2 tubes of acrylic caulc per 1*15m mat. Sienna/burnt ochre brown paint was mixed with caulc, which was the spread to mats using latex glowes and paint/mixed flock was the generously sprinkled on the top. This was then left to dry outside (while yours truly was looking at the clouds very suspiciously.)

Here is the result, drying in the sun. Most of that flock will be dusted off, so the effect will not be as pronounced.

The hexons were just painted with acrylic latex mixed with fine sand and then a generous dose of mixed flock and sand was poured on top of them. The base color was much darker and redder than with the mat, so result looked much more like dried mud. Darker brown would probably have worked better.

2 boxes of hexons.

So we are ready to go for African/desert games and 2 more mats with a northern greenish theme should cover us for most other things. WIth maybe a fur mat for Russian steppes. I assume I will tomorrow hear we are switching exclusively to space/sea-themed games.