Most of the village of Stonne was completely levelled in the battles of May 1940.  Some pictures of pre-war village were floating around the internets, so it was quite easy to see that buildings were quite average for the area. So the water tower and church remained - water tower is shown on the background in one of the period pictures and looks to be like others in the area - size is hard to guess from a blurry picture, but the village is not that big. Of the church, on the other hand, I had no picture, apart from the top of the spire - but yesterday I managed to find a good picture!

Most 15mm churches are of the Norman stone variant and this one is clearly different - and surprisingly big for a smallish village. The surviving churches in the area are either of red brick or yellowish gray stone, both of which look pretty same in b&w picture. So it looks like I need to do bit more scratch building - shape of the roof promises some interesting times..