St. Cyr, May 1940
 7th Panzer division in advancing and the motorized recon troops are prowling at the point. One of the platoons is lead by Leutnant Kronthaler, few years a go a doktor of engineering from Hamburg, now a motorcycle recon platoon leader. Several days of merciless driving, occasional sharp firefights and no rest, so he had very little idea where he actually was, some idea where the rest of the division was and inkling where he was supposed to go. Some hours ago, as platoon was napping and fixing vehicles, a French civilian vehicle had been stopped - a spy had been shot and interesting papers been examined: Frenchmen were trying to hide valuables at the church of St Cyr! Somewhat interesting tidbit, but most of all poor Kronthaler again knew where he was. A quick radio message to company HQ told him to go ahead - a single assault gun as lost as them and barrage from company mortars would support him, anything heavier was still marching.
 (He is leading a type B motorcycle platoon from here. Notably 2lmg per section.)
 Approach to the village was heavily forested and allowed defender ample ambush position. So the mortars were instructed to fire a preparatory barrage and platoon went in directly from marching order, allowing defender no time to deploy. (Patrol phase went as planned; defender took nice defensive positions but allowed me to gain initiative.)
The setup. German JOPS in red, French in blue. Most of the area is at least lightly forested.
 1st section dismounted and took strong firing positions from the heavy stone building. As soon as the machine guns were ready, French defenders were seen running from the forest towards the village proper - concentrated burst of fire from section was enough to immediately put them to ground on the open. A second French section revealed themselves from sandbagged position in the tree line, but their return fire was ineffective.

1st section taking position.

First mg salvo lands, lots of shock and a wounded JL.
 2nd section was meanwhile advancing towards the church, prompting the French to reveal their 3rd section. This went exactly as planned, as now enemy had revealed his hand, while Germans still had plenty of uncommitted troops. As the defenders on the German right flank were now in immobile position, FOO was called up. He came with feldwebel Ross, young Sturmabteilungsmann from Koln, a stern and stoic man. Under feldwebel's directions company mortars were dropping shells on the defender almost immediately - scoring some hits, but most of all pinning whole enemy flank in place, allowing Germans freedom of movement. On the other flank, Germans vaulted over the high church wall and took positions inside the church, machine guns hurrying to the tower. Of course, at this point company HQ decided that lone platoon would not need mortars anymore ((French player ended turn with 3*6)).

Barrage lands.
 As soon as dust from barrage lifted, machine guns took the hapless 1st French section under fire again and immediately broke it, killing the sergeant. At this point French morale was plummeting towards 0, Germans had suffered no casualties and were commanding the area from 2 stout positions, so French player decided to cut losses and withdraw.

The end
 I am quite happy with myself with this battle. I was able to ping whole enemy flank with combination of bait section and indirect fire and then use the other flank to start enveloping the enemy. That said, had the French player invested in tank or two, it would have been a completely different story, as now only had one StuG to deal with them.