Last couple of months have been very busy with work and preparations for Ropecon We got a table at Kokemuspiste (Point of Experience, a place to try out new games and low barrier intro to gaming.) and ran Chain of Command for one day for anyone interested. Slightly modified 2nd scenario of Kampfgruppe von Luck. I wanted Germans to have at least one tank capable of going toe to toe against PIATs, so added a StuG. Week before the game I noticed that the StuG battery of 21st was of course made up by modified French assault guns. Those were not available within the timeframe, so a PzIV was added - maybe not present in the first morning of the assault, but at least part of 21st's TOE. Ho-hum.  And a Tiger was added just for atmosphere - as long allies did not actually see the PzIV, it used a Tiger model.

Poster by Heikki, who also co-GM'd the day with me. Most players were completely new to miniature gaming with knowledge of ww2 varying from "none" to "alot". Both gamemasters talked enough to lose their voice and  players seemed to enjoy the experience, so a good day all in all.  Pictures to follow at some point.