Start of the game, with positions of Jump off Points.

Setting up the table.

The British attack started with a barrage hammering the Hitler Jugend position - as soon as it was lifted, the point platoons went forward. Unfortunately for them, fog was thick as soup and quite a few men and vehicles got lost. The British second section was commited via their bottom JoP to open up a potential avenua of attack hugging the wall - HJ immediately countered by deploying a section to the same flank, effectively shutting it down before armor could be committed. The topmost British JoP was quite close to the building by the crossroads (which also harbored a bunker, unknown to the attacker), so he made a gamble and pushed 1st section towards the building at running speed. Unfortunately the dice were not with him and he failed to reach the building or to shut down the JoP behind. Germans immediately deployed another section, which cut down half of the attacking section immediately. The M4 Sherman committed to oust them with fire reported that he was somewhere in the fog, unable to see or hear anything.

At this point, Lady Fortuna switched to the British side. He deployed a Firefly which promptly set the house with bunker on fire and wounded the section leader inside. (GM completely forgot that Firefly has HE only after September 1944. That single experiemental HE grenade was very useful) Then the deploying  German PzIV failed to hit the Firefly and took a hit to track as a return gift. Defender wisely decided not to continue a lopsided gambit but withdrew back offtable. Bunker was open, 1st British section had almost recovered from the disaster, German section was leaderless and life looked rosy.

High point of the attack.
Until Germans committed their reserve team. A sharp counterattack by 5 men threw the British 2nd section back in close combat, routed them and then withdrew back to safety before anyone could react. (3 phases in row just in the right place!) Germans still have quite a bit of estate to conduct a delaying action and tanks would be needed in close support to crack the walls of the farmstead. So the attacker took the safer option and withdrew to take a breather and call in more reserves, as the AT capability of Germans was a question mark.

All in all, relatively bloodless game. The Brits suffered half a section in casualties, while Germans had one lightly wounded NCO and one wounded. The boys of HJ are proud of their leader, while the attacker's morale was kept up by a rumour stating that 1st section leader was to be mentioned in despatches for his brave attack at the bunker.

Next game will see the Brits attacking the same position after a short breather. Hopefully the fog has cleared by then.